"GotGame.pk lets you rent unlimited video games at nominal monthly fee.

Buying legitimate games in Pakistan is a big issue for console gamers since many are not able to pay ~Rs. 6000 for a single game, especially on a PS4 or Xbox One. In turn, gamers have to buy either used games or after an extended period at a slightly lesser price. GotGame is looking to change that by offering a unique service to its customers whereby they will have access to the latest titles without burdening their pocket.

GotGame.pk is a library for video games where, at the moment, you can rent one game at a time with the following costs to get you started. To activate your account, you must pay the following fees:

  • One-time security deposit: Rs. 4,000 (100% refundable if you close your account)
  • One time sign up fee: Rs. 1,500
  • Monthly membership fee: Rs. 1,400
  • Total amount: Rs. 6,900 is payable at the time of delivery of your first game rental, via Cash On Delivery
  • If you wish to stay a member throughout the year, then add another Rs.15,400 (1,400 * 11 months)
  • In total, your first year is going to cost you Rs. 22,300 (15,400 + 6,900)

You can rent one game at a time, play it and then, send it back via mail and GotGame.pk will send out the next game in your queue that is available in stock.

This entitles you to being able to borrow all the games currently available in the library which are being offered for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One.

VIA:Tech Juice